1. Responsible Stewardship on Farm Use the Davidstow Farm Standards to drive continuous improvement in animal husbandry and farm environmental standards. We will target a year on year increase in % farms achieving ‘Green level’ of the Davidstow Farm Standards.
2. Low Carbon Manufacturing 20% reduction in relative carbon emissions from our direct operations by 2021/22 vs 2016/17 baseline. Achieved by building on our previous successes in energy efficiency and low carbon technologies and by ensuring that a minimum of one third of our energy comes from on site renewables.
3. Water Stewardship To recycle more than 50% of the water required to manufacture our products while further reducing relative freshwater abstraction by 10% by 2021/22 vs 2016/17 baseline.
4. Reducing Waste 20% reduction in edible wastes and surpluses by 2021/22 vs 2016/17 baseline. Achieved though reduction at source, ensuring edible materials are returned to the food chain or converted to other valuable by-products.

Deliver a year on year increase in the value generated from unavoidable non-edible wastes. Achieved by reduction at source, converting wastes in to by-products and moving materials up the waste hierarchy.