We aim to reduce the impacts of our supply chain on the environment

As a leading dairy manufacturer we are determined to play an active role in mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change, reducing waste and looking after our natural resources.

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of energy comes from renewable sources

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Low Carbon Manufacturing

20% reduction in relative carbon emissions from our direct operations by 2021/22 vs. 2016/17 baseline. Achieved by building on our previous successes in energy efficiency and low carbon technologies and by ensuring that a minimum of one third of our energy comes from on-site renewables.

Halfway through 2019/20, relative carbon emissions are 12% lower than last year and 28% below the baseline. 

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Water Stewardship

To reduce reliance on freshwater imports whilst reducing company-wide water use per tonne of product, net of ingredient water, by 10% by 2021/22 vs 2016/17 baseline. To deliver continuous improvement in the quality of our treated waste water measured as a year on year reduction in the mass of nutrients in treated effluent discharged to surface waters.

Halfway through 2019/20, water imports, net of 'water in product', are 24% lower than last year and 18% lower than the baseline. 54% of water during the same period came from recycled sources. 


engagement through Courtauld 2025 to reduce waste


Reducing Waste

20% reduction in edible wastes and surpluses in 2021/22 vs 2016/17 baseline. Deliver a year-on-year increase in the value generated from unavoidable non-edible wastes. Achieved by reduction at source, converting wastes into by-products and moving materials up the waste hierarchy.

We have signed up to WRAP/IGD's food waste roadmap to halve edible waste by 2030.


of consumer-facing packaging and transit packaging is currently recyclable


Reducing our Packaging Impacts

To deliver a year-on-year increase in the % of recyclable packaging used across our product groups with the ambition of having 100% recyclable packaging by 2021/22. To deliver a year on year reduction of our product to packaging ratio with the ambition of a 15% reduction in the overall product to packaging weight ratio by 2021/22. To utilise 15% recycled content within our supply chain by 2021/22.